Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dirty or Clean?

There is so much to say about education and prevention, starting with what we eat. We have been marketed to select our fruits and vegetables based on their perfection in shape and color and size. Some distributors are even 'teasing' us with convenient packaging (e.g. grapes in plastic-holed containers for ease of rinsing or 'pre-washed' spinach).

Rinsing is simply not enough! It is not surprising that many families, especially from inner-cities, are not aware of 'the clean 15' and 'the dirty dozen'. We must all increase the quantity of fruits and vegetables that we consume, especially families raising children with ASD's, but let's not forget that harmful pesticides are toxic and a big contributor to shape, color and size.

Learn more about food toxins. Do you know which list your favorite fruits and veggies are on? Find a guide for shopping and learn which ones to consider buying 'organic'.

Option: Grow your own. Share your experiences and suggestions for growing your own fruits and vegetables.

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